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1.8.3 released

Fixed template password button to show the correct dialog according to diretory type
Fixed edit popup to use schema info to determine read only status
Fixed deleting of attributes and values in TDBConnection
Added multivalue template checkbox functionality
Added reset button to custom menu dialog
Added temporary IPC$ trust functionality to aid with "pasword can change" flag

2017.May.10 20:57:45

1.8.2 Released

Fixed a bug causing custom menus not to be saved.
Fixed a bug causing accountExpires attribute to be set without activating it.

2017.Apr.11 20:54:44

1.8.1 Release

Fixed a bug causing exception when loading dialog which is extended with a template

2017.Mar.21 23:35:48

1.8 release

New 1.8 release including support for SAMBA4/AD objects, folders for accounts and much more.


2017.Mar.11 14:59:23

1.7.2 released

Fixed a bug which caused incorrect NT hash values.

2016.Oct.19 14:54:08

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